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who can help me to translate it into franch.

i have only studied franch for one year ,so the words should better not too hard .the tense should better use passer comperser.thanks a million

here is the passage; CastRed convince me of the importance of chance encounters in the quest for love and meaning in life.
A beautiful model named Valentine crosses paths with a retired judge, whose dog named Rita she runs over with her car.
Whilst walking Rita the next day the dog ran away and Valentine eventually finds the dog back at Kern's house. He gives the dog to Valentine. Valentine found Kern eavesdropping on his neighbours' private telephone conversations. Valentine heard a telephone conversation between her neighbour, Auguste, and his girlfriend,. Kern disagrees. Later Auguste takes his exam and passes it and becomes a judge. That evening, Kern writes a series of letters to his neighbours and denounces himself, and the community files a class action. Valentine reads the news about a retired judge that spied on his neighbours and she goes to Kern telling him that she said nothing to anybody. He wonders about the reasons why people obey laws and it turns out that often it is more on selfish grounds and from fear than about obeying the law or being decent. Auguste has been unable to reach Karin since graduation so he goes to her place and sees her having sex with another man. Distraught, he leaves. On another occasion, Auguste sees Karin and her new boyfriend in a restaurant, he gets her attention but when she rushes outside to try to explain he hides from her.

Valentine takes her ferry to England, and Auguste is also on the ferry, although the two never quite meet each other. Suddenly a storm rises Valentine and Auguste are survived ,
From this movie .I learned that Sometimes we unable to control what will happen in our life, our dormer our destiny, or adversity n our MR. right or MISS. Right, no matter how bad the thing happens to us. We should believe true love; maybe it is right waiting for us in the next corner..

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