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heey! can you guys please give me a looot of slang words in indonesian?? thank you very much!

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    lolz are sure ??? most of indo slang are impolite word ...
    but we use it everyday XD , joking between friends only ....

    boy = cowo
    girl = cewe
    dad = bokap
    mom = nyokap
    parents = bonyok
    boyfriend - girlfriend = bokin

    gay = maho
    noob = cupu
    slow thinker = tulalit - lemot
    too slow = lemot
    countrified = alay
    stupid - idiot = bego - goblok
    over act = lebay

    feel bored = bete
    feeling blue = galau
    ashamed = tengsin
    coward = cemen
    scared= keder
    sadist = afgan
    greedy = maruk

    go = cabut
    eat = kemek
    sleep = tepar
    take a shit = boker
    died = mampus - mokad
    dont have money = bokek - cekak
    have a lot of money = tajir
    rich = tajir

    marry = kawin - kimpoi
    pregnant (before married) = tekdung

    underwear = kancut
    bra = kutang

    etc etc etc , thats all i can remember ....

    slang words? umm.. we actually have plenty of 'em x)

    kok, duh, ah, oh, sih, eh are most common slang words we use in daily life.
    lo = kamu. (it's refering from Betawi dialect)
    gue = saya. (also refers from Betawi)

    for daily conversations, we don't really necessary to use formal sentences.
    e.g: Why are you so long? =
    Formal: Kenapa kamu lama sekali?
    Not formal/slang: 1. lama banget sih? (overreacted) 2. kenapa lama banget sih lo? (too emotional)

    it takes ages to explain all of them :) slowly you can learn slang words, but it doesnt necessary.

    gue / gw = I/me (informal)
    lo / lu / lw = you (informal)
    gue galau = it usually use when you have a crush with someone you like but she make you confuse about your love or something like that. (im not really good in English) ^^
    capek deh = it's use when you are having many problem or something like that which can make you tired / confuse.

    yes, i can, of course :-) Apa kabar? (it means how are you?)

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