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How to start to learn portuguese?

For learning: Portuguese
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    Para aprender o português só treinando mesmo. Ver traduções para entender o contexto e tentar repetir as palavras. Vá, gradativamente, tentando pronunciar as palavras e ouvindo-as como deve-se pronunciar. Logo você irá se adaptar com a escrita e quando ler um texto você irá automaticamente pronunciá-la.
    Não é fácil mas é por isso que estamos aqui, uns ajudando aos outros. Beijos!

    The Portuguese is not difficult. But you have to learn to use the words at the right time and place of the phrase, but changes direction. Example: mango, can be fruit or sleeve shirt.

    About this, I have helped.

    Desculpa meu inglês!

    i tend to agree with "bhzdasa", (i)you should decide which Portuguese are you going to study, because even for us, Brazilians, there are some difficulties when listening Portuguese from Portugal, the written part is not so different.

    But you should (ii)get a nice grammar, it's going be very useful, the grammar will simplify many things, (iii)to get a good dictionary also is a nice task, as i'm Brazilian i cannot recommend to you any (iv)Portuguese Learning Book Collection, because of course i never looked for one, but i think you are not going to have any troubles to find it,specially if you speak english or spanish.

    (v) To getting in touch with our culture.

    About movies, it's not hard to find Brazilians movies with english or portuguese subtitles. is a nice site to find them.

    About music, you'll met many music genders in Brazil, i recommend to find lyrics and singers.

    You can add Brazilians, Portuguese, Angolans in Italki, and chat with them.


    Well these are some useful steps.

    Everything has a base, a source. Likewise, our Portuguese language also has its base. And that is why we started it. The basis of the Portuguese language is formed by the ten parts of speech (or classes of words), you may have heard, but still have many doubts on this subject such as nouns, adjectives, articles, pronouns, prepositions, interjections, adverbs, conjunctions, numerals.
    If you want to learn Portuguese, really, you really have to know the basis of our language. This is fundamental. If you want help, I will be available. Sorry, my English is terrible. Bye
    In opinion, the best way to do that is by listening to many audio recordings¹ with people speaking Portuguese. Or, if it´s too boring, listening to a lot of music² - songs in Portuguese. In both situations, don´t be worried about learning the grammar. This will be learned naturally - just try to know the meanings of words and expressions.
    ¹ It´s critical to choose - in the very beginning - if you wanna learn the Portuguese of Portugal, or the one of Brazil. I recommend the Brazilian Portuguese.
    ² There is a very wide range of Brazilian music available, of all genres.

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