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What does "aaya tha toh time hi nahi mila" mean?

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    I think you missed something.....
    It may be "aaya tha toh per time hi nahi mila"

    It means "he/she came, but don't have the time".
    It depits that the speaker was in hurry........ and don't get the time to meet the person with whom he/ she is speaking with.

    dev sirs answer is also one time remember

    after completion of one memory that time good or bad one whether faced with another persons words to clarify or to give answer which way behaved in that condition way definitely like answer person "aayaa tha" = " he or she came ", "toh " = " but or may be or else if", "time hi nahi mila " = " to continue the conversation or relation with polite manner in that condition in that place a correct one to hold in words failed " like sounds appears......, so the writing type scene appears definitely appears like a cinematic scene...the end from India

    actually, the exact translation would be "i/he/it did come, but (i/he/it) didn't get time."

    i.e some one of whom speaker is talking about(i he or it) definitely came, but he didnt get time.

    and generally this way sentence is said for ourselves, i.e, i did come but i had no time.

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