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How do you say 'i love you' in Chinese

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    我wo3爱ai4你ni3,well,you know,in some other languages there are some subject pronouns can be kinda,in french,"vous"has two meaning,one is"you",the other one used when you call people who are more powerful than you or older than you.And such stuff also exists in Chinese Mandarin.
    So"I love you"I think it also can be rendered into Chinese as"我wo3 爱ai4 您nin2"
    Hope this will help ya..:P

    1)when one person says"I love you" to another one, it is "我wo3 爱ai4 你ni3 I=我 love=爱 you=你
    2)when one person says " I love you"to a group,it is"我wo3 爱ai4 你们ni3 men2。 你们=you all


    to say 我(wo)爱(ai)你(ni) is a direct for our teens ,I mean 16 or 17,we always say 我(wo)喜(xi)欢(huan)你(ni).

    我爱你 我喜欢你 我中意你

    我爱你 ( wo ai ni )

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