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How do i say "with" 한국어

If i wanna say
"Im eating bread with coffee"

How do i say "with" ??

빵와 함께 커피를 먹고 있어요
Is this correct?

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    빵 먹고 커피를 마셨어요.
    ate bread and drank coffee. has same meaning as with.

    If you wanted to say "with" as in "with someone you did something" you would say
    진구 하고 함게 했어요. or
    진구 하고 같이 했어요.
    I'm not sure if you can use 와/과 in this instance, because I usually only use them for objects or with lists.

    빵은 먹다
    커피는 마시다
    하지만 마시다를 먹는다라고도 표현하니까

    빵과 커피를 먹고있습니다. 라고 하면 될 듯

    It would be "커피와 함께 빵을 먹고 있어요" literally, but "커피에 빵을 먹고 있어요" would be more natural.^^/


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