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What is that question that americans use?

Imagine the scene:
Two people talking... the 1first one say something, the second doesn't understand and ask a question like: -Was that?

Is that the correct? Am I listening it correctly? Is it the same as "What?"
Thank you very much!

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    There are a number of different ways to tell the speaker that you did not understand what he said.
    "What was that?"
    "What did you say?"
    "Pardon me?"
    "I beg your pardon?"

    Usage varies depending on the situation and the person to whom you're speaking.


    "What was that?"
    "What's that?"

    Most likely they say, "What's that?" or "Huh?" In American English the 'T' in words can get lost or under pronounced as "D" making it sound like "Wha's that?" Also some might use "waz"... such as "Waz up?!" in stead of "What's up?!" when asking how someone is doing - which by the way is basically a way to say "hi" because unless you know a person real well (such as close friends and family) no one really cares to hear how someone is ACTUALLY doing/feeling.

    If you don't understand the question then you say I don't understand what you mean.

    To add on to dancingbear's post

    "What?" - Most commonly used term used to have the speaker repeat what they said.
    "What was that?" Another phrase to ask the speaker to repeat themself.
    "What did you say?" Another phrase to ask the speaker to repeat themself.

    "Pardon me?" This is best described by having a very confused look on your face.

    Some examples below are to use if you do not understand why they are saying things or what they are trying to explain.

    "I do not understand what you are saying."
    "What do you mean?" - Most common to use if you can hear the question but do not understand.


    I think if you say "what was that" quite quickly, it will sound something like "wawazthat?" or even "w'wazzat?" It's just a lazy dropping of the "t". (Don't do this.)

    It's not an American thing, either. People do it all over the place.

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