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How To Write Japanese Sentences?

I already know some words. But I'm having a hard time to form the sentence, at least the order.

For example:

My name is Sharlene.
Watashi no namae wa Sharlene desu.

Watashi no means "my" because "no" was placed in front of watashi that means "I".
name wa means "name" and the wa means that is the subject of the sentence, right?
desu means: is.

How do you write:

It's been a long time that I have wrote to you.
I wish to start a new life in Japan.
I miss you so much, I wish to see you someday.

Also how do you say "we or us" in Japanese?

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    Japanese people sometimes dont say noun e.x in english people usually say I am sharlene but japanese say like am sharlene because people know who you are talkind about. but if you start japanese and you seem you speak japanese well so it doesnt matter because it depends what people say in english actually the same sentenses e.x my name is sharlene or im sharlrne but in japanese you can change the sentense which means you can take away the noun!

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