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How to use more than 1 verb.

How can i make sentences like "She wants me to choose" because it's really confusing. It has more than one verb thats my issue. i know ~고 있어/싶어 etc but i want to know how to make more complexe sentences!

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    When we use English, we cannot use two verb in a clause. So we have to make a verb to 'to-v' or '-ing'.
    Like English, we can change the form of verb in Korean.
    For example, in this sentence 나는/ 영어 공부하기를(to study English) /원해. (I / want / to study English.), we have to make a verb 공부하다 to 공부하기.
    Actually, it's so difficult to explain, even though I'm a Korean. :)
    If you have more questions, please let me know.
    Have a nice day~

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