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'what are you doing tomorrow?' vs 'what are you going to do tomorrow?'

I guess

What are you doing tomorrow?
means complete action in the future.

What are you going to do tomorrow?
means have a plan. but I don't know that complete action

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    These two sentences have the same meaning. For the future tense text books teach students to say


    But many native speakers simply say


    The difference is that the speaker omits the GOING TO and uses the -ING form of the sentence verb instead. This can be confusing because the structure of this future tense is the same as the present continous tense. The difference is thus understood from context or with the help of adverbs/adverbial phrases such as TOMORROW, NEXT WEEK, ON TUESDAY and so on.

    i think 'what are you going to do tomorrow" is right.

    both are right. i think "what are you doing tomorrow?" is the most used cause it's shorter, but the meaning of both is the same.

    I'm going to the work)) and you?)


    It doesn't have to do with complete actions. Remember that the future is a hypothetical place, so in English we "construct" a future meaning.

    "What are you doing tomorrow?" - this asks about what arrangements you already have for tomorrow. It's present continuous with a future time. Pretty simple.

    "What are you going to do tomorrow?" - yes, this asks about a current plan. The "to be going to (action)" is used when you have evidence from the present which indicates the future action.

    In this example, you can use either but be aware these future forms cannot always be changed over. For example, "It is going to rain tomorrow" makes sense if you are now observing weather conditions that indicate rain later. However, "It is raining tomorrow" doesn't makes any sense.

    There are three ways to talk about the future:

    will ______
    be going to ____

    They have the same meaning:

    I'll visit my doctor next week.
    I'm going to visit my doctor next week.
    I'm visiting my doctor next week.

    How about this one?

    I'm visiting my doctor.

    It could be right now, or it could be the future. In conversation, the meaning will be clear.

    I ask my friend "Hey, what are you doing next week?"

    He says, "I'm going to take the kids hiking."

    I say, "Oh, cool. Where are you going?"

    He says, "We're camping in Big Bear."

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