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Has anyone learned Tagalog?

And by that I mean someone who is not Filipino. I really want to learn the language, but from what I have studied already it is quite intimidating. I'd really like to know what strategies others have used. And I am looking for practical advice, so please don't tell me something like "move to Manila and make a local girlfriend."


For learning: Filipino (Tagalog)
Base language: English
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    Please continue learning and don't get intimidated. Dedication and diligence is the first step to learning anything.

    Pronunciations are relatively easy as we only use short vowel sounds and no silent letters. Just pronounce as how you read it. Since you already know Spanish, that would be a good jump start as it has some similarities with Filipino. is really useful tool in learning languages especially if you can find a learning buddy whom you can talk and converse with online. Much better if you can meet a Filipino at your place. Filipinos are practically anywhere in the world- and were really friendly and accommodating.

    It would also be handy if you can secure a copy of an English-Filipino dictionary. Learn few words a day and you won't notice that you've already built a decent Filipino vocabulary.

    Thank you for taking interest in learning our language! I wish you the best!


    Have fun! :D

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