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what´s the difference between surprised and amazed

I want examples of both ,because I can´t use them properly

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    Amazed is much more intense than surprised.
    I was surprised to learn that she was a math student.
    I was amazed to learn that the guy next door was a world champion athlete in track.
    I was surprised by her call. I wasn't expecting it.
    I was amazed to see that everyone walked away from that horrible accident and that nobody was injured.

    To expound a bit upon Maxey's excellent response, I would say that "amaze" usually has a positive connotation, whereas a "surprise" can be good or bad.


    Amazed means an overwhelming feeling of wonder and can last quite a while. In comparison, surprised means something sudden and new which takes over your attention at that moment. It's quite quick, and doesn't last so long.

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