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Can any german speaker explain me so short as possible the 4 cases in german?

I´m studing the cases in german and it´s difficult for me understand this part of the grammar.
What are the things which makes a sentence accusative,nominative dative or genitive in german?

Could someone explain so clear as possible when you use each case?with examples

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    1. case = Nominativ = Who?/What? (Wer?/Was?)

    Mr. Johnson has written a big book./ Herr Johnson hat ein Buch geschrieben.
    -> WHO has written a big book? Mr. Johnson!
    -> WER hat ein Buch geschrieben?? Herr Johnson!

    2. case = Genitiv = Whose? (Wessen?)

    It's Mr. Johnson's book./ Es ist Herr Johnson's Buch.
    -> WHOSE book is it? Mr. Johnson's!
    ->WESSEN Buch ist es? Herr Johnson's.

    3. case = Dativ = Whom?/Who? (Wem?)

    Mr. Johnson speaks with Mrs. Johnson./ Herr Johnson spricht mit Frau Johnson.
    -> Whom/Who does Mr. Johnson speak with? With Mrs. Johnson!
    -> Mit WEM spricht Herr Johnson? Mit Frau Johnson!

    4. case = Akkusativ = Who?/What? (Wen?/Was?)

    Mr. Johnson loves his wife./ Herr Johnson liebt seine Ehefrau.
    -> WHO does Mr. Johnson love?His wife!
    -> WEN liebt Herr Johnson? Seine Ehefrau!

    I hope it helps!

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