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How do you say "Thank you" and " I miss you" in Hindi?

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    Thank you! = धन्यवाद्! or शुक्रिया
    " I miss you" = "मुझे तुम्हारी याद आती है" or "मुझे तुम्हारी याद आ रही है"

    Thank - Dhanyavaad or Shukriya
    You - Tumhara or Aapka

    So "thank you" means Aapka/ Tumhara Dhanyavaad/ Shukriya

    I - Mein
    Miss - Yaad
    You - Tumhe

    While translating this into Hindi we will add one more word Karoonga/ Karoongi which will show an action in future "yaad karoonga/ karoongi"

    And if you are using "I miss you" in some present tense then instead of karoonga/ karoongi you will use karta hoon/ karti hoon.

    Here I miss you means
    Mein tumhe yaad Karoonga (if speaker is male)/ Karoongi (If speaker is female) - If using for future.

    Main tumhe yaad karta hoon (if speaker is male)/ karti hoon (if speaker is female) - If using in present tense.

    Thank -aap/tum. Thank you -aapka dhanyad

    I-main. Miss -yaad karna. You -aapko. I Miss you -main apko yaad karti hu

    Thank you = Dhanyavaad or Shukriya
    I miss you = aap mujhe bahut yaad aate hai

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