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Arabic: What is the difference between "ما" and "ماذا" in Arabic? Please explain with examples.

When should I use "ما" and when should I use "ماذا"? Please explain.

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    We can say they have the same meaning.
    We use them to ask about everything like (animals, things, stuff, acts..etc) except the people.
    ما الأمر؟ = what's happen?
    ماذا تفعل؟ = what are you doing?
    hello there . both of them they are used in different contexts and sometimes can be used interchangeably . the following are some examples :
    ماذا تفعل غدا؟what will you do tomorrow ?
    ما سبب زيارتك ؟what is the reason for you visit ?
    ماذا قال لك الاستاذ ؟what did the teacher tell you ?
    ما هو لونك المفضل ؟؟what is your favorite color ?
    ؟ماذا تحمل بيدك ؟what are you holding ?
    بماذا تحلم بما تحلم ؟؟what are you dreaming of ? or what do you dream of ? see that here both can be used .
    with more practice , you will see the difference and will use them perfectly
    I hope it would help .

    ما there is many uses for it within the meaning of the sentence..we can use it as a question : what is ur point of houa ra'iok..actually we always use it after the third person singular pronoun (houa hia ) etc...also we use as a tool denied ex: wallahi ma fa'altoo shai'an = i swear i didn't do anything
    ماذا we use it only for a question but we cant use it before the third person singular pronoun i mean for ex we can't say : matha houa yaf'al= what he is doing..we say matha yaf'al= what he is doing
    ما is the same in ماذا
    ما : what
    ذا : harfou ichara
    expl: ما الذي
    ما هذا
    ما هو
    ذا، هذا، الذي : للإشارة to show !

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