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How similar are Urdu and Hindi? Do speakers of these languages understand each other?

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    When it comes to speak, both are 99% percent exactly same. Just a few words are make difference. But writing are completely different. Speakers of both can easily understand each. I am a native urdu speaker and communicate with native hindi speakers at my work place without any problem.

    What you intend to you. Can I help you with learning spoken Hindi/Urdu. In return I would like you to help me in learning spoken English. Do get back to me.

    i know hindi and urdu very well even english.
    it is depend on the people who speak hindi or urdu but when a hindi(hindu) people speak they will use hindi mostly therefore, non Indian urdu(muslim) people will face difficulties to understand but Indian Muslim can understand easily

    Urdu and Hindi are almost same languages. Acctually hindi is derived from urdu thats why these two languages look very similar. You can use any word of any language in urdu. So basically, Hindus have put some words of sinsikrat in urdu and called it hindi.

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