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how to read these two letters?

I'm learning Norwegian and Swedish,and I got 2 books,they are----colloquial norwegian&colloquial swedish.and i'm now learning the phonetics now,whenever i learn a new letter,I will try to listen to the pronunciation of google translator.
But last night,i found that google is a little different from what's taught in book.
like,in book,it says that"sc"has two pronunciations,one is"[s]"the other one is[ʃ]---is this correct?
the other one is"J"
in my book,it says that J has many different pronunciation,[j]&[ʒ]。。。but in google translator,the pronunciation【h/x】 is also I'm really confused....i don't know how to read these two letters.
so Please tell me how to read these letters and how many pronunciations they have,and under what circumstances should i pronounce the particular pronunciations......=V=...
Tack så mycket

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    sc 从来没看到过
    j = [j] 本地词内
    = [x] 法语或者是西班牙来的词内 (例子: just, jalapeño)

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