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Here's the problem again

I came across a phonetic problem just now,that is,how to read "-tion"and"-ti"
In my book,the pronunciations are written like"t here reads as[ʃ]"But when I used google,it read like"【huɔŋ】&-ti read as[ts]".........
迷茫啊 Confused totally.....我都不知道该信哪一个的发音了

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    The pronunciation "-tion" can be booth [ʃ] and【huɔŋ】, people in Sweden use them booth. It depends on where people live. In north we use [ʃ], and in the south we use 【huɔŋ】.
    Use the sound you are comfortabel to speak. Booth are right.

    Good Luck

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