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[Tachelhit] Multiples forms of saying "How are you?"/ Plusieurs formes de dire "Comment allez-vous?"


What's the difference between / Quelle est la difference entre
- manika tgit?
- manza k-inn?
- is tfjjijt?
- labas dar-k?
- s.s.ah.t-nk labas?

And for "I'm fine" / Et pour "Je vais bien"
- labas
- labas nckr i-r.bbi
- bixir
are all the same? / ce sont tous le même?


For learning: Tamazight
Base language: English
Category: Language


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    I'm not sure, but I think they're all the same. The only diference I found is than "labas" has an Arabic origin and is very extended between imazighen of continent. It means "fine", like bixir. Let us wait for a better answer. Azul fellak amddkwl.

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