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मैले माया गर्ना जानिन होला -- question about the -na form

I have trouble to figure out when to use garna and when to use garnu and my material is not very clear about this..
Can somebody please explain me why it has to be garna in this song title.
Can you also explain the usage of garna vs. garnu?
धन्यवाद !

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    मैले माया गर्न जानिन होला = may be i didn't know how to love you.( It's very hard to translate excat, ecurate in english) or, the way i loved you, it wasn't the way you were expecting.

    गर्न = to do.
    गर्नु = have to do. (both have almost same meaning.)

    मैले = i
    माया गर्न = to love
    जानिन = not to know
    होला = may be( he was not sure he is questing to himself) past form = may be i was lacking to love her or maybe i dind't know how to love.

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