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I would like to have an english name .

Hi everyone , my Chinese is Huiyuan , i would like to give myself an english name which can represent or meaning to me. i am in trouble to name it for many years. i hope there are teacher from everyone to give my advices. thanks :)

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    Dear Huiyuan,
    I used to teach English in China. One Chinese teacher told some students to just open the dictionary and choose a word that had a meaning they liked. One boy chose "Flame". This was crazy, or ridiculous. The high school students chose words that were not appropriate English names. English or American people choose either names that were used by other family members or ancestors, or they use names that sound good to them....they like the sound of the name, or maybe a name found in a list of names in a baby book. These names would be obviously appropriate names, not just vocabulary words. Some names you might choose from, that are not too common, are: Joel, Jesse, Craig, Larry, Tom, George, Andrew, Phillip, Bruce, Richard. There are hundreds of names you could choose from. If you choose a word that describes you, it might not be an appropriate man's name.

    Choose a name that is customary to people in the Western culture. This is my advice. The native English speaker would know if a word is a person's name. Not just any word is suitable to be used as a person's name.

    Your name should be Juan (pronunciation is like /HUAN/ in Chinese. It's a spanish name but it's a little similar to yours.

    Hi, you could have Hugo, Harry or Henry as they all start with H.

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