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"то самое": как это перевести?

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this is the context: "то самое" часто проделывается

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    To know the context could be helpful.
    Usually it means something like "the very", "the particular" or "the precise"
    то самое место где я родился — the very place where I was born.

    Edit: in this case it most likely means just "that" or rather something you don't necessarily want to name, because it probably has to do with a sexual or politically incorrect subject or there are too many people around who shouldn't actually be hearing your private talk. It is a highly uncommon expression however, I don't believe I have ever heard it. The more common one is "это". In the late 1990s there was a talk show on the Russian TV called "Про это" ("About That") moderated by Елена Ханга, where they talked about sexual matters. It probably could also have been called "Про то самое".

    The same

    Мне кажется, что just that , более подходящий вариант.

    "the very"- уточнение

    for example:
    He is the very man i need. Он как раз тот человек который мне нужен.

    lo stesso

    Also, "то самое" may have kinda misterious or joking tinge. We say so when for some reason don't want to name a thing directly. Like in 'Harry Potter', if I'm not mistaking)) You could translate: The One You Cannot Name *creepy look* as Тот, Чье Имя Нельзя Называть or Тот Самый!..

    I agree with Daniel. English has so many phrasal verbs. The meaning can be known only from context of the sentence. As separate phrase it can be anything.

    si fa spesso questo/quello (dipende dal riguardo)

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