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"dear" apa maknanya

"dear" apa maknanya di Bahasa Indonesia?
"sayang" atau "terhormat" atau ... ?
misalnya: "dear me" atau "my dear friend" dan lain-lain

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terima kasih banyak Yang Tersayang Aria

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    jawaban nya tergantung kalimat , dan ditujukan kepada siapa XD

    in formal and business letter we usually writes , Dear Sir or Madam , etc

    in this case , dear = Yang Terhormat / Yth

    ex : Dear John Smith = Yang Terhormat John Smith / Yth John Smith

    when u writes love letter to someone XD .... or to someone close to u

    such as close friends , brother , sister , mom , dad , boyfriend , girlfriend , etc

    dear = sayang / yang tersayang / yang tercinta

    ex : Dear husband = Yang Tersayang Suamiku

    how bout dear me / oh dear , well it has different meaning ,

    coz dear me is an expression used to express surprise, distress, sympathy

    and the closest translation to "dear me" is .... astaga or maybe astagfirullah XD

    so what does dear mean ??? well its love and respect , hormat dan sayang ....

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