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want / omdat ?

When do you use "want" and when do you use "omdat" ? Or are they interchangeable?

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    Another thing, "omdat" is more versatile.

    Want ik ben moe, ik wil blijven slapen. = Wrong.
    Omdat ik moe ben, wil ik blijven slapen. = Correct.

    Let's say you start a conversation and say something like:

    Ik heb geen zin om mee te gaan.

    The other person could ask why you don't want to come along. So he asks: "Waarom?" Now you can't use "want" and you have to use "omdat".

    Omdat ik ontzettend moe ben.


    Well.. I can't really think of a situation where you would really have to use the one or the other.. So I guess you could use either of them, but ofcourse the rest of the sentence would be different, depending on which one you use.. for example:

    Ik heb geen honger, want ik heb al gegeten.
    Ik heb geen honger omdat ik al gegeten heb.

    I don't know the right terms exactly, but to explain a bit more technical:
    'Want' is alsways followed by a main sentence, while 'omdat' is followed by a sub sentence.

    Ik blijf thuis, want het gaat straks regenen (I'm staying home, because it will be raining in a while/because it's going to rain).
    'Het gaat straks regenen' is a normal sentence you could use separately to indicate that it's going to rain.

    Ik blijf thuis, omdat het straks gaat regenen. The translation would be the same. The only thing that changes, because you're now making use of a sub sentence (which you can't use separately), is the word order.

    The difference in the word order is:
    - in a main sentence subject and (auxiliary) verb are always next to each other, in a sub sentence they are not necessarily next to each other. As you can see the time object for example is now placed between subject and verb.

    Hope I explained it well...
    oui coucou
    comment tapelle ?

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