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Can you recommend me some good songs in Italian!?

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    Yes, of course! I believe we have very fine singers and musicians, here in Italy.
    I will add to my answer during the week, as right now I don;t have much time.
    Let me start with Lucio Dalla, that sadly died just recently.
    -- Nuvolari ;
    -- Itaca ; -- Ulisse Coperto Di Sale ;
    -- Anna e Marco ;

    -- Caruso (1985) (many people think this is one of the best Italian songs ever;
    lyrics and English translation are here:

    -- Futura
    -- Cosa sara` ?

    -- Mela da scarto (1975) Quite a peculiar song, I just love it! It has
    a moving 'fisarmonica' sound in it; it is a simple and nice tale about how
    life could go turn in the wrong way.
    (some sentences need an explanation, but they are beautifully constructed; note: Ferrante Aporti is the name of a juvenile detention-educational centre near Turin - Torino)
    -- Amore disperato (he used to sing this song with the great female singer Mina)
    Italian lyrics may be easily found, for instance here:

    --- Caterina Caselli: Nessuno mi puo` giudicare (1967, yes before the moon 'landing' ! in 1969)

    -- Tiziano Ferro (metallaro?) : Ed ero contentissimo (2006?)

    -- Ivano Fossati : La Volpe (a beautiful and short love song; quite easy to understand the words, I think)

    -- Ivano Fossati: Il canto dei mestieri
    -- Ivano Fossati: La Costruzione di Un Amore
    -- Ivano Fossati: Notturno delle tre
    -- Ivano Fossati: L'orologio americano

    -- Enrico Ruggeri: Primavera a Sarjevo
    -- Enrico Ruggeri: Contessa

    -- Franco Battiato: Perduto amore
    -- Franco Battiato: Cuccurucucu
    -- Franco Battiato: Atlantide

    -- Donatella Rettore: Donatella
    -- Little Tony: Cuore Matto (1967)

    -- I Nomadi: Dio e` morto (writer: Francesco Guccini); don't fear, resurrection is also cited in the song.

    Beautiful songs also from Lucio Battisti, Fabrizio de Andre' (more to say later)

    I liked so much this old song influenced by the american funky:!
    others pleasant singers are the "La Cruz":
    if you like a cavalcade you should hear "Pertanto" by "Pan Del Diavolo"!
    But a classical and typical italian song is this:

    Some that I like:


    (I like to write in Italian language, not in the /http/, youtube-link-url mixed up language), except for occasional integration.

    The songs by Enzo Jannacci maybe require some understanding
    of Italian 'way of life', obviously I really like, what I am suggesting you!
    -- Enzo Jannacci : se me lo dicevi prima ...
    -- Enzo Jannacci : quelli che
    -- Enzo Jannacci : vengo anch'io, no tu no

    -- Massimo Ranieri: se bruciasse la citta`; beautiful voice, quite inspired words.

    -- Renato Carosone: Pigliate 'Na Pastiglia (some words are in Naples's dialect)

    -- Rino Gaetano: Ma il cielo e` sempre piu` blu
    -- Rino Gaetano: I tuoi occhi sono pieni di sale
    -- Rino Gaetano: E cantava le canzoni
    -- Rino Gaetano: Visto che mi vuoi lasciare
    Rino Gaetano had so many things in his heart, and good music in his mind;
    his life was too short to tell us all .

    Lucio Battisti: Anima Latina

    Lucio Battisti: La canzone della Terra (quite a unique piece!, a day, and a night, of an Italian peasant -- contadino)

    Lucio Battisti: Dove arriva quel cespuglio
    Lucio Battisti: La compagnia
    Lucio Battisti: Anche per te
    Lucio Battisti: Dieci ragazze
    Lucio Battisti: Io vivro`
    Lucio Battisti: Anna
    Lucio Battisti: Prigioniero del Mondo
    Lucio Battisti: La Canzone del Sole
    Lucio Battisti: Non e` Francesca

    Any lines from the lyrics hard to understand ?
    Just ask please, maybe me or some other Ital[k]ian fellow could help!


    Franco Battiato: E piu` ti amo (the words are easy to follow, originally a French song)

    The Great 'Giovanni Lindo Ferretti' and his first band: CCCP: Annarella
    Giovani Lindo Ferretti founded other bands: PGR, CSI, etc.

    Nada: Ma che freddo fa
    (nice sound here:
    (video clip of 1969 here, but sound is bad:

    Dalida: Bang Bang
    (sound here is not really crisp: )

    Sergio Endrigo - Il Mondo
    ( )

    Stormy Six (Italian band) - Stalingrado La Fabbrica
    (this song is dedicated to the victory of the people of Staligrando, now Volgograd, and the Russian soldiers in 1943 against Nazi's invasion, sadly allied with Italians)
    lyrics 1:
    lyrics 2:

    Francesco De Gregori: Pablo
    Francesco De Gregori: La Donna Cannone
    Francesco De Gregori: Adelante, Adelante

    Loredana Berte` : E la Luna busso`
    Loredana Berte` : Per i tuoi occhi
    Loredana Berte` : Non sono una signora

    Riccardo Cocciante: Quando finisce un amore
    Riccardo Cocciante: Margherita
    Riccardo Cocciante: Cervo a primavera
    Riccardo Cocciante: Per un amico in piu`
    Riccardo Cocciante: Sincerita`


    Here are two of the finest voices amongst Italian singer, please trust me and listen
    to Giovanni Lindo Ferretti and Ginevra Di Marco singing a song by Franco Battiato (E ti Vengo a Cercare);
    by the way, the words are perfectly spoken;

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