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I'm looking for Indonesian TV shows and films that I could watch or download online. Ideas?

I would like to spend more time listening to informal Indonesian. My vocabulary is not very good so BBC Indonesia is a little overwhelming. I'm looking for something simple and entertaining.

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    Sort by: I tried this several times before. You watch online, you can choose which tv channel. And for the movie sorry I don't know

    You can watch :
    Metro TV (I think is the best Indonesian TV News channel cause it has 3 different language,China,English and also Bahasa Indonesia) ,
    Kick Andy on Metro TV (about Unique and inspiration people it like Oprah tv show,for more information,
    Bukan 4 Mata on Trans 7, Stand Up Comedy on Metro TV(Joke and funny program, I like it :D, you can watch or download the video in Youtube,just search with Bukan 4 Mata [Monday-Friday 22.00]or Stand Up Comedy as keyword),
    Asing Star on Trans 7(Foreign people or non Indonesian that sing Indonesia song, Every Sunday at 19.00 - 20.00 WIB, it lol program I ever seen :D),Hope you enjoy all program :)

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