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Why people like France? I'm curious about it ^^

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    Well if France means the French culture, it is certainly because of the romanticism that evolves when talking about France, places, a night in Paris, the media keeps helping in developing this image I guess. Haven't been in France myself I still think that, if you can imagine a peaceful place to be, it would be a cozy coffee shop on a cool afternoon with some accordion soft music on the background and someone singing "La vie en rose"...

    Because France is magical. For example, if you go to Paris you can feel the unique romantic atmosphere.

    Bonjour, I love France because of its culture, history and food. I have been there 3 times.
    All the history I studied at school and at uni came to life when I visited Versailles, Rodin's outdoor museum, Napoleon's tomb, the Eiffel tower, Notre Dame, Monet's garden, Normandy, Avignon, Chenonceau, Mont St Michel and many other places.

    Do people like France? That's the first I've heard of it! ;)
    Because the people dress so well!

    Oh and the food culture. I cook so I appreciate food a lot.
    It seemed like during my visit to france people showed an
    appreciation or pride in the food they made. It made me happy (n_n)

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