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Is horror a verb?

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    It's a noun, The verb form of horror is horrify. eg: The price of her wedding dress will horrify her father.That is a nightmare that would horrify anyone.

    It's a noun.
    it s only noun.
    It is name but you can use it like "have horror".
    horror as name: The crowd cried out in horror as the car burst into flames.
    It may be childish but I have a horror of worms. :)

    It's a noun. If you wanted to use a verb, it'd be horrify - to induce a sense of horror in someone (including yourself - "The thought of a three hour exam horrified me!")


    It's a chick flick. It's a horror movie. It's a silly movie. its a jelly sandwich, its strawberry jam. These are compound nouns. One noun becomes a descriptive adjective.

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