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союзы а и но ,какая разница?

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    Я писал книгу, А он читал её.
    Я писал книгу, НО он мешал мне.
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    НО is like on "but"
    А is like on "and"( but not and as "И")
    For ex.
    I want to eat. And you?
    I want to eat but he doesn't.


    In many cases, "но" is used to set one contrast (for example, we talk about the same person (subject of the sentence) in both parts of it, but you make 2 different comments about him/ her.

    Маша хорошо читает по-английски, но говорит ещё плохо.

    "А" is used to set two contrasts- 2 different comments about 2 different topics.

    Маша любит читать, а Лена любит ходить на дискотеку".

    "А" can also be used in a question when you ask for additional information.

    - Я много путешествовал по Европе.
    - А в Америке ты был?

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