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如果我问一个中国女孩“你的电话号码是多少?“ 她就要以为我爱她吗?

我只想知道, 如果我问一个中国女孩“你的电话号码是多少“她就要觉得我爱她吗?谢谢。 

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    No, but she probably thinks you are intrestesd in her. lol

    not really,she might think you need her help when you get lost

    I think yes! You know I do am a chinese!If you ask her 号码 ,she must think you like her and want her to be you girlfriend!

    Don't worry.Although we look to be conservative, no one would misunderatand someone is into her by simply asking for a contact number:)

    No, I don't think so.

    it depends on the practical situation

    I think it depends on the character of the girl you ask for the number sometimes. whatever, it indicates that you want to know her and make friends with her.maybe she will think you like her not love .that is my opinion for refering .

    I don't think so . Depend on why do you want to know her telephone number.


    i think it depends on the girl's personality,different people must have different feeling,but its also depends on your attitude,and what kind of situation or relationship that you ask girl's phone number,so thats tough one....

    of course not


    i think it ..oh you love her from your perspective , but finally that depends on the girl ! but although you could finding more chance to chat with her,slowly , she always know it. good luck for you! a boy with naive and cute.


    p.s. 我一般認識第一天就會拿電話... 還沒有碰到一個會誤會的女生...

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