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Is that phrase correct? Is there good example of an idiom for the situation?

I spare neither money nor time to achieve my purpose.

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    achieve my purpose. or reach my goal.

    Yes it's fine for me - I can't find an idiom for it, sorry I did look though.
    OH hold on!
    "I leave no stone unturned"
    !!!!!!GET IN!!!!!!
    Where did I remember that from? hahahaha I'm quite chuffed with myself for that hahaha

    I don't care what it costs, when I want something, I'm going to have it!
    When it comes to getting what I want, or going where I wish, I don't count the money. I'll just do it.

    Some people say that "money doesn't grow on trees", but I'll find a way to get the money if I want to have something wonderful.

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