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when do I use the " qi" example= (california tian qi hen re ) - (ni jidian qi chuang?)

when do I use the qi? how does it translate similar to anything we use in english?
I miss my Tutor.... she used to asnwer all my questions.

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    "california tian qi hen re" in this sentence, "qi" is the falling tone(4th tone) , and "tian qi" means the weather.
    "ni jidian qi chuang","qi" falling-rising tone(3rd tone), and "qi chuang" means to get up.
    There are two totally different characters althought with similar letters of the alphabet.

    Sukie is right.
    "tian qi(4th tone)"(Chinese 天气) and "qi(3rd tone) chuang" (Chinese 起床)
    you see,the "气" and the"起" ,they are two different word.

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