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What is an easy-going person?

What is an easy-going person?
What does it means?

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    Someone who is relaxed and tolerant in approach or manner.

    In spanish: Alguien de mente abierta, tolerante, que no critica otras costumbres o ideas, sino que las acepta.

    an easy-going person means a friendly person who is easy to get along with.
    the Synonyms, I think is an amiable person.


    "You'll like him. He's an easygoing person. He gets along with everyone. I don't think I've ever seen him get angry. He's so laid-back."

    How to Be Laid Back:

    By the way, "easygoing" doesn't have a hyphen, but it does look strange without one, doesn't it?

    Calm, relaxed, laid back and informal like most Australians:))


    They do not get upset. They do not get excited. They are docile.

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