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Russian word "in" "at" "on" "into" "inside" "outside" "between"

1) What are thier word of each other? and the examples, please.
2) In English, the "in", "at" and "on" are used in different places and occasions, the Russian is the same?


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    "in" also means "через":
    in an hour - через час

    Russian and English prepositions not always are equally applied. That all of you have understood, it is necessary to give the whole lecture. Try to understand something from pictures:

    in, at = в (usually) in London в Лондон, at the airpor в аэропорту
    into = в, внутрь put it into the box положи это в коробку=внутрь коробки
    inside=внутри the cat was inside of the box кот был внутри коробки
    outside =снаружи the cat was outside of the box кот был не в коробке=снаружи коробки
    between=между the cat is sitting between the two trees кот сидит между двух деревьев
    on= на (чем-то) the book is on the table книга на столе

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