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"sired"what does it mean?

Caroline: What are you doing?!

Damon: He's been sired

Alaric: What?

Damon: Sired. He feels loyal to Klaus because Klaus's blood created him

here"sired"what does it mean?

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    Lol, sired is a term used in Vampire fiction, it means to be turned into a vampire. A sired B, A turned B into a vampire.

    It is also an archaic expression meaning a male ancestor; a forefather.

    Klaus is his father.


    Klaus is the father of whoever HE is. Sired means to be the genetic father of.......

    The bull sired the calf- the bull is the father of the calf.


    I like the other answers but I think I should point out what they are describing is the word sire, not sired. If someone sires someone they are their sire.

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