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Nice and not expensive places in Istanbul where I can taste the traditional meals too?

I am interested in tasty traditional meals also. :) Please, write their names in Turkish too. Teşekkür ederim.

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    The best way is travelling with someone who knows istanbul.
    You can eat kebab and dessert at every restaurant. I myself care healty foods. I dont mean avoiding fatty things I mean how they cook.

    It is my favorite place for eating. They have many branches in istanbul. not expensive and healty. U can find many kind of meals there. Also there r many famous restaurants in istanbul where u can find many kind of meals. Choose kebab reataurants for kebab meals.

    Meat meals: Adana/ kuzu şiş/ iskender/ urfa/ vali kebabı. Lahmacun, Pide,
    Kuyu kebabı (my favorite) (it may be difficult to find it)
    Desserts : "Fıstık sarma baklava"(my favorite), other baklavas, maraş dondurma(ma-do icecream), kadayıf, desserts with milk...


    Adana Kebabı :

    Vali kebabı (u can find other kebab meals inside it) :

    Dessert (place and its branch for dessert : )

    Fıstık sarma :

    I'm hungry now :(

    dessert: "Baklava", "vezir parmağı","tulumba tatlısı","kadayıf","künefe"
    meals: "imam bayıldı","döner","kuru fasülye", "kebab", "tantuni",

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