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Can anyone teach me spanish or russian? exchange i can teach him hindi,punjabi. as it is my native languages.

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Base language: English
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    I can teach you Spanish and I would really appreciate if you taught me Hindi.

    Here are 10 reasons to learn Spanish:
    1. Learning Spanish will allow you to acquaint myself with a very rich culture of Spain. Spanish museums, architecture, monuments and priceless works of art - all this will give you a lot of vivid impressions.

    2. Spanish is widely used in international communication and is recognized as the second international language after English. He talked almost 500 million people.

    3. Spanish is easy enough to learn

    4. Spanish language - one of the official languages ​​of almost all international institutions, including the UN.

    5. Spanish language has a wide geography and is a public, not only in Spain but also in countries such as Mexico, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Panama, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Cuba, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic and Equatorial Guinea.

    6. Spanish is the 5th largest in the world of lexical richness, after English, Yiddish, Russian and German.

    7. Spanish language is recognized as native to almost half the population of the southern United States. In California, Florida, Texas, San Diego, knowledge of Spanish can come in handy more than a knowledge of English.

    8. If current trends continue, the Spanish language in a few years could be larger than the English language and will give only the Chinese language.

    9. Learning Spanish greatly enhances employment opportunities, both abroad and at home.

    10. With the ability to communicate confidently in Spanish you will get a lot of advantages to the business and leisure travel.

    And here 7 reasons to learn Russian:
    1. The number of countries where Russian is spoken

    The territories of the former Soviet Union, where Russian is often the lingua franca if not the official language, cover one-sixth of the world’s surface. For anybody traveling through Eurasia, some basic knowledge of Russian is almost a must. Russian is the most widely spoken of all the Slavic languages and the largest native language in Europe.

    2. It’s useful for diplomats and others government employees

    Russian is one of the six working languages of the UN. More people study the other five, so it only makes sense to focus on Russian. In addition, Russian is the fifth most-spoken language in the world. Russian has become the largest language program for members of the United States Army.

    3. Business and the economy

    The Russian economy is undergoing a boom, and Russia has roughly 40% of the world’s reserve of natural gas. More companies than ever before are doing business in Russia, and will of course need interpreters and businessmen who understand not only the language, but the culture.

    4. Bilingualism and your mind

    Bilingualism has been proven to keep your mind healthier longer and stave off the effects of dementia. Russian is considered one of the harder languages for native English speakers to learn, so why not give your brain some serious exercise?

    5. “Learn a new language and get a new soul”

    “Learn a new language and get a new soul” states a Czech proverb. The famed “Russian soul” has mystified those in the West for decades, but students of Russian often find that Russia opens up and reveals her fascinating culture, art and literature in a unique way for those who learn the language and travel throughout the country.

    6. Speak your own language better

    The structure of the Russian language is such that most students are forced to re-examine their own languages in a way they never have before. Many find their writing in their native language improves, and their overall awareness of grammar is heightened.

    7. The Soviet legacy

    With the fall of the Soviet Union, all things Soviet have undergone a revitalization in the West. Soviet kitsch decks out bars, bags and shirts, and there’s an increasing interest in Soviet history and politics. At the same time, Russian archives are opening up, and student serious about pursing courses in Soviet or Russian history or politics need to have more than a passing familiarity with the language.

    I speak spanish, its my native languague) Im mexican. mmm Now Im studying Russian :)

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