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American television shows that Russians enjoy? Американское телевидение в России?

What American t.v. shows are popular in Russia and Russian speaking countries?

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    There are some shows that were "reinvented" ("copied") in Russia.
    America's got talent="Минута славы".
    Wife swap="Обмен женами".

    House MD. Two and a half men. Californication. Gossip girl.

    Sex and the city.
    I like soap opera The bold and the beautiful and most of MTV shows.
    Many years ago : sitcom Friends, soap opera Sunset Beach, Columbo, The murder she wrote.

    CNN, MTV

    All MTV programs.
    I'm not sure what's popular nowadays. I almost don't watch TV, except for news.
    But when I was a kid I adored X-Files... I guess it was pretty popular back then.

    I like the scientific program for the Discovery Channel.

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