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How do you say "I feel bad" in Hindi?

If someone ask you what's wrong how do you say "I'm feeling bad" or "I feel bad"
And how would you say "I'm bad" if someone ask How are you?

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    A : What wrong with you? Kya galat he tumhara sath? ( क्या गलत है तुम्हारे साथ ?? )
    B: I am feeling bad : Mujhe bura mehsus ho( or lag) raha he.


    A : how are you (tum kaise ho?)
    B : i am bad or not good (main theek nahe hu)

    muje bohat bura lag raha hai........

    "मुझे बुरा लग रहा है" Mujhe bura lag raha hai or you can use,Mujhe accha nahi lag raha hai.

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