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What is the difference between “а” and “и” in Russian?разница, а & и?

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    If it is a question about conjunctions "а" and "и", a difference is following:

    1. Conjunction "и" is applied to communication of homogeneous parts of the sentences and for communication of simple sentences as a part of a compound sentence:

    "Я купил в магазине хлеб и молоко".
    "Мы пообедали с женой в кафе и она уехала на работу".

    2. Conjunction "а" is applied at opposition:

    "Я купил хлеб, а моя жена - молоко".
    "Я весь день ждал его в гости, а он не пришёл".


    Well, the difference is in pronunciation: "a" is like in "car" and "и" it's like in "tree". That's it!

    but the difference is not only in pronunciation, the big difference is in meaning!more often we use "a" when we want to oppose one subject for another one,for ex. "не стул, а стол"- "not a chair but a table". "и" we usually use just to unite for example two parts of a sentence: "я хочу есть и пить"-"i want to eat and to drink".

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