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A question for English teachers and students


From you experience as a teacher or a student, what is the best teaching method that helps you teach/ learn English?

It is through drilling and memorizing or through playing a fun game?
Please also explain your reason behind what you believe.

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    Games are of cause fun to play, and many language learners indeed love them, but the actual result is usually very poor.

    In my experience the best time spending always was to be presented with some grammar concept, and then I like to see some examples how this grammatical structure is used, and to pin it down I like to do some drills, actually a lot of drills.

    In terms of vocabulary students can learn it just by doing some reading combined with dictionary work, you generally don't need a teacher to learn new vocab.


    In my experience the best combination is to have a student who's done a lot of the hard work, learned the vocabulary and has a basic to intermediate grasp.
    Then make it interesting and fun, and give honest encouragement.

    I find it helpful to consider what the student is feeling, how difficult it is for them, and to acknowledge their effort and their accomplishments.

    Discipline and fun.

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