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how to say something is pretty or beautiful?

이뻐 / 예뻐 (im not sure with the spelling)?

how to say..
you are beautiful
that is beautiful
when u like the picture because it's beautiful, u say 'wow, it's beautiful/pretty!'

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    Pretty - 예쁘다 /이쁘다
    You are pretty/beautiful - 넌  예뻐요!
    Wow! It's beautiful/pretty - 와! 진짜 이쁘다!!! ~
    For picture U may say:
    beautiful - 아름답다
    beautiful picture - 아름다운 그림!
    beautiful photo - 이쁜 사진

    예쁜 = yeppeun stand for pretty.
    Its really pretty= 정말 이쁜 다

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