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How i can write a korean sentence?

i want to write a korean sentence in hangul. but my keyboard doesn't support it. can anyone help me about it?

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    I have the same problem, but I can suggest you one temporary solution.
    Visit, type your text and than just use copy/paste. For double consonants just press 'shift', you'll find them. It is also very good for practicing blind typing...
    I just hope soon we are going to find a permanent solution :)
    why don't you find on Internet a translation software,then download them on the disc of your laptop?
    That's the easiest way i know!^___^

    If you have windows, google "hangul on windows".

    On the computer, go to Start --> Control Panel --> Clock, Language, and Region --> Change keyboards or other input methods --> Change keyboards --> Add --> Korean (Microsoft IME)

    This works for non-Macs ONLY! The wording on your computer should be very similar.
    You could also go to Google Translate or such site and use their keyboard, then cut and paste.

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