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what is differnce between extensive listening and extensive listening?

what is intensive listening?

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    extensive means to be extended for a long time/ A course including a lot of things - all things.
    intensive means to do a lot in a short time, or to do what you are doing with tremendous concentration.

    extensive is often for pleasure andintensive is for academic purpose

    intensive listening is when we listen to specific information while extensive listening is listening to the gist or summary of a text

    Extensive listening is used to get general understanding. For example, understanding the story we read or song we are listening to or carrying out the instructions.........
    And intensive listening is used to get specific information, which involves more detail analysis. Usually used when we are studying language or etc. In intensive listening, we are trying to find the answers of specific question, for example: "What the information is all about?", "Why do I need this information"

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