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Teach me your لهـــــجة السعودية

plz teach me some basic lahja in saudiarabia arabic.
i think they are some words aren't the same in Fusha.
for instance:
ابغي : i want
شوية: a little
:مرة: alot
what else ........ plz teach me

shokran lakom

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    i'am from algeria but i know some basic lahja arabe saudi or (uea)
    chou had? = c'est quoi ça? what is this? ما هذا
    yaeni kif != alors comment ! so how!يعنى كيف
    wache salfa ? recompte moi ce qu'il est passer !tell me what it is without it! احكى لى ما جري او ماذا حدث
    ana ma baeref!je ne sais pas !I do not know or does not have the news! انا لا اعرف او ليس لدى خبر
    ana bhib italki .i love italki.انابحب الاتالكى
    sar .صار .Has become

    الحين : now
    ليش؟ : why?
    أبغى أروح.. : I wanna go...
    أهلين و سهلين : (greeting)
    الله يسعدك : May Allah make you happy (u can say it when someone offer u something and u r really happy bout it/usually with close people)
    فين؟ : where?
    ايش؟: what?
    عطني/عطيني الزبدة؟ (literally means "give me the butter!" but it's said when someone's talking & talking & talking about a thing & u just wanna hear/know the point of this conversation & the important thing of this whole conversation) so it's like give me the point!
    كشخة : Fashionable, and its said when something is cool.
    لا يكثر: it's like, "don't say more!" said when someone is talking a lot nonsense & saying something without any knowledge.
    يجَنّنْ: "makes me crazy" (but in a good way) so when something is beautiful u can say that^^
    that's what is in my mind right now^^''

    there's a comedy Saudi YouTube show that talks in a Saudi accent & it has eng subs as well. I think it'd be so helpful for u. it's called "لا يكثر" ^^ here is the channel

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