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che cosa significaL: volevo mettere ?


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    I wanted to put...but if you write all the phrase it's better....;)

    "Volevo mettere" in tedesco è: ich wollte setzen, potrei dire: io volevo mettere il latte in frigo ma non l'ho fatto, NEL PASSATO: "volevo mettere" è una cosa che volevo mettere ma non ho messo, NEL PRESENTE: Aspetta! Volevo mettere la giacca prima di uscire, in questo caso è una scelta momentanea.
    Fammi sapere se hai capito, ciao.


    I just want to add some comments to the previous answers. As in first hd_filippo's example, usually if you say "volevo mettere" then you have a "but" to tell the reason why you wanted to do sth but you weren't able or didn't manage to do it. That is the sentence has to be completed e.g. like this:

    (mi) volevo mettere la giacca prima d'uscire ma non sono riuscito/a a trovarla
    I wanted to put my jacket on before going out but didn't manage to find it.

    It is a sort of a hypothetical sentence.

    As you can see, you can optionally add mi (me, myself) in this case, because in Italian to put sth on is actually reflexive (addosso means "on" in this case but can safely be left out for brevity):

    to put sth on = mettersi qc (addosso)

    I put/I'm putting on my jacket=(io) mi metto la giacca

    Another example:

    I'll put on my new coat! = (mi) metto il cappotto nuovo!

    There is also as is a slight different usage in all languages for (io) volevo/I wanted/ich wollte+infinitive, a sort of polite or modest way to ask for something. In this usa, you use the past instead of the present (voglio/I want/ich will), but only because the present may sound a bit impolite, like a command. In this case you do not need to complete the sentence with a "but" clause. It is perhaps better illustrated with another verb than to put:

    I wanted to ask you a thing....
    Ich wollte Sie etwas fragen...
    Volevo chiederle una cosa...

    chiedere = to ask
    chiederti = to ask you
    ti is you, to you informally

    chiederle = to ask you
    le is to you, formally, same as Sie in Deutsch :)

    An alternative, with almost the same level of politeness :)

    I would like to ask you a thing...
    Ich möchte Sie etwas fragen...
    Vorrei chiederle una cosa...

    if you are speaking to a friend you can say:
    vorrei chiederti una cosa...

    and then you can make your question right away :)

    PS: another meaning of mettere:

    I wanted to put a Ramazzotti's CD on, but I haven't got it
    Volevo mettere su un CD di Ramazzotti, ma non ce l'ho

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