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What does "thodi" mean?

This is the context:

वे अभियुक्त थोड़ी हैं.

Thank you very much.

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    Hi Momper :)

    It's Songlover from the Forum :)

    Well here it doesn't mean in the Thodi context. As I said on the forum

    ell you say thodi hai in a way to emphasise your point

    Like it is saying - He is not a suspect!

    or another could be

    Mera Beta Koi Chor Thodi Hai - My Son is not a Thief!

    Let's see if someone improves upon the answer :)

    Best of Luck :)

    its means less ... thodi , kam = less
    this is not example of good hindi.
    firstly, I couldnt understand what on earth this can mean. After reading Gagan I understood what you wanted to say.
    This is exclamatory sentence and that too slightly less used version. Better to use, ¨thodi hi hai!!¨
    yes, use the symbol and insert a HI before hai. It will become clearer.

    ¨Thodi hi hai¨ is a phrase which means, ¨nahi hai¨
    Like is so many other cases, single words out of a phrase dont make much sense, not at least contextual sense.
    so, we abhiyukt thodi (hi) hai!! = we (or better say wo) abhiyukt nahi hai.

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