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I need resources for all these languages...

Currently, my main priorities are Korean, Spanish, (Mandarin,) Chinese, Japanese, American Sign Language, and Arabic . Also working on Hindi, Urdu and Norwegian, Russian, Tagalog, French, Swahili, Latin, and German. To say the least.

So please, if you know resources (books, movies, children's tv shows, music, etc.), please help me.

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    Are you sure that after filling your mind with so many words of such
    a plethora of different languages will still be room in there for an original
    thought to be spoken in any of those languages ?
    If you can do that, sincerely best luck to you, and I presume you will
    also be able to find your way through the resources that internet, book
    stores and teachers can offer. To say the least!


    If you are developing language resources, I would start with a list of language-learning websites that includes ITALKI. After that, I would invest in computer software for multiple languages and a portable multilingual translator.

    A handy book is Merritt Ruhlen's "A Guide to the Languages of the World," which includes phonetic inventories for familiar and obscure languages. However, you do need to know the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) to use it.

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