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Halp me, if you can, please?

I really need someone who will teach me Hindi. Not just one day, teach me one word and then we don't talk again. I would really appreciate if someone becomes my real language partner and helpes me learn Hindi well. I will, in exchange, teach you or help you with your Spanish and English.
Thank you.

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I'm sorry, it's supposed to say *Help not halp.

For learning: Hindi
Base language: English
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    May Be You will find these Sites and Links Helpful ("A Door Into Hindi", an excelent introduction). ("I Speak Hindi", it has several levels: beginner, intermediate, etc., and it also has many translated sentences).

    Others (Modern Hindi Grammar, author: Omkar N. Koul; a very interesting book, with only a defect: the conjugation is scarcely shown).

    Plus You can ask as many doubts and questions as you like here too we will try to help you out :)
    Hope You Find A Good Language Partner Soon

    Best of Luck

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