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who, when, where, what, why, how

who = siapa ?? ketika ??
when = apabila ?? ketika ??
where = dimana
what = apa
why = mengapa
how = bagaimana

Are there right ???

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    who = siapa
    when = ketika / kapan
    where = dimana
    what = apa
    why = mengapa
    how = bagaimana


    when -ketika (when i'll go to the beach, I will.. = Ketika saya pergi ke pantai, saya akan...

    when - kapan (When do you go to Indonesia? - Kapan kamu pergi ke Indonesia?)
    Kapan = question

    how = bagaimana (how are you ? = bagaimana kabar kamu?)
    Siapa? = who?
    siapa namamu? = what is your name?
    siapa itu? = who is that?
    siapa kamu? = who are you?

    Kapan? = When?
    Kapan pulang? = when will you go home?

    Ketika (=when; it's not a question word)
    Ketika kamu di sini = when you are here

    Apabila (if)
    Apabila Jony datang = if Jony comes
    Apabila ada sesuatu = if there is something

    Di mana (where --> in where)
    Di mana rumahmu? = where is your home?
    Di mana bukuku? = where is my book?
    Di mana Joni? = Where is Joni?
    (unformal: only using 'mana', without 'di')

    Ke mana (where --> to where)
    Ke mana Joni?= where does Joni go?
    Ke mana burung-burung itu pergi? = (to) where do the birds go?

    Apa kabar (you also can say 'bagaimana kabarmu) = how are you
    Apa itu? = what is that?
    Apa ini? = what is this?
    (remember, "What is you name?" is "Siapa namamu?". Not "Apa namamu?")

    Mengapa? = Why?
    Mengapa begitu? = Why is that?

    Bagaimana dia? = how is he/she?
    Bagaimana pekerjaanmu? = how is your job?
    Bagimana cara membacanya? = How to read it?

    Bagaimana? Sudah mengerti? (Bagaimana = How is it? How is my explanation? --- Sudah mengerti? = Do you understand? Have you understood?)

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